Face Shields

Face Shields

Disposable Full-Face Shields

PrinterPrezz is supplying disposable face shields.

  • Full-face protection
  • Anti-fogging
  • One-size fits all configuration
  • No assembly required
  • Disposable
  • Material: PET
  • Size: 32cmx22cm
  • Weight: 40g

High Performance DLC for PAPR

PrinterPrezz is supplying replacement Disposable Lens Cuffs for hospitals.

  • Made in the USA with materials sourced in the United States
  • Fits Max-Air Systems PAPR
  • Constructed with ultra-clear PET (shield) and thin-film polyurethane (neck guard)
  • Full face and neck protection
  • Provides escape for positive air pressure provided by PAPR
  • Available in one-size fits all


This device is based upon the “Cupola” patents licensed from UCSF by PrinterPrezz.

  • A plexiglass shield that limits droplet exposure, while being narrow enough to allow for the practitioner to work under and around the device.
  • An articulating arm that allows for precise adjustment of the shield to protect the practitioner and customer/patient.
  • Available in 2 versions
    • Stable weighted base with an adjustable height, to allow the shield to adjust from 30-60″from the floor. Available for preorder now.
    • Clamp for mounting on a nearby surfaces. Coming soon.
    • Accessories to attach suction devices to the floor stand are in development.
  • UCSF has conducted independent research on the performance of this type of device in an experimental setting.