AccuSwab® Sterile Swab Applicator

  • AccuSwab was designed with leading healthcare institution in Singapore and has been validated for effectiveness both in laboratory and field through PCR test as well as clinical trial
  • Quality Control: manufactured in an ISO13485 facility with 100% quality control to meet the strict Singapore manufacturing requirement for medical devices
  • Biocompatible Material: made from Nylon material which is biocompatible
  • AccuSwab™ is approved by Singapore’s Health Science Authority (HSA) as Class A medical device
  • Strong and flexible with a handle breakpoint at 98mm
  • Only to be used by trained personnel

EnvisionTEC Swab

EnvisionTEC engineers have designed a 3D printed collection tip for a flexible nasal swab that has completed testing in an IRB-approved clinical trial for use in this unprecedented time. In order to be given this approval, a rigorous, multi-phase testing procedure was required. This testing of both the design and the material included several rigorous mechanical and chemical tests. This was done to ensure that the swabs pick up viral RNA particles and do not interfere with PCR/reagents, that they are chemically safe, that they would bend 180 degrees without breaking, and that the design would be able to safely collect enough viral particles from the nasal passage to effectively test.

Formlabs Swabs

Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs are flexible sticks with a bristled end that are inserted into the nose to the back of the nasal cavity and swept around to collect material that sticks to, or wicks up, the bristles. The swab is then placed into a vial that contains a culture, medium swab sticks have an intentionally weak point 7-8 cm from the bristled tip, which allows the stick to be broken to the correct length so that the vial can be capped before its is transported to a lab for testing.