Services & Manufacturing Capabilities Status Page

Services & Manufacturing Capabilities Status Page

Due to recent events regarding COVID-19, we are aware that finding production for life-saving equipment is in high demand and short supply. As an ISO 13485:2016 certified facility, we at PrinterPrezz want to do our part to help “flatten the curve.” As such, we have been in touch with municipal authorities to garner an “Essential Operations” designation as a provider of Healthcare Supplies to hospitals and other healthcare operations as described in section 10-b of the Alameda County Health Order dated 16-MAR-2020. Consequently, our facilities, while closed to the public, will remain operational with limited personnel onsite and other additive engineers and staff working remotely. We have expertise in multiple areas including 3D printing (metal and plastic), mechanical/additive engineering, and clinical perspectives. The following list of services and manufacturing capabilities are available:

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We are scaling production at this time to assist hospitals and other healthcare-related operations in need of increased supplies. Please reach out to us at, if we can be of assistance.

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