The Surgeon’s Perspective: An Interview with Dr. Garfin

World-renown master spine surgeon, Dr. Steven R. Garfin, is considered one of the fathers of modern spine surgery and is a past president of the North American Spine Society. He has taught countless medical students, residents, and fellows about the spine. Now the interim Dean of UC San Diego School of Medicine and a member of the PrinterPrezz Board of Advisors, Dr. Garfin shares his thoughts on the value of integrating clinicians with engineers.

A Push of a Button: The Challenge of Medical 3D Printing

Have you ever wondered what is actually involved in making 3D printed medical devices? PrinterPrezz Chief Medical Officer, Alan BC Dang, reveals some of the manufacturing secrets behind PrinterPrezz.

Manufacturing Innovations: Arthur Zafiropoulo

Arthur Zafiropoulo is one of the world’s foremost thought leaders and experts on semiconductor manufacturing and reducing time-to-market. He has been inducted into the Semiconductor Hall of Fame and is a past Chairman of SEMI and a current Director Emeritus.

Arthur Zafiropoulo expects PrinterPrezz to be the largest 3D printing foundry in the world in the future. This video shares his thoughts on PrinterPrezz’s strategy of bringing semiconductor manufacturing processes, metrology and controls to medical manufacturing.

Dawn of a New Age: Greg Morris on Medical 3D Printing

Greg Morris is considered the founding father of 3D printing in aerospace and has been called the unassuming King of 3D printing. He is credited with bringing laser-based metal 3D printing to the United States and was instrumental in the development of GE’s LEAP fuel nozzle.

Now a member of PrinterPrezz Board of Advisors, Greg Morris, shares his thoughts on 3D printing for medical devices at PrinterPrezz.

PrinterPrezz – Year in Review

Our engineers and staff candidly share their thoughts on the last year and what excites them about the upcoming year.