PrinterPrezz is the first medifacturing™ company in the world, blending medical innovation with advanced design and manufacturing resources. We help customers at every stage of the innovation life cycle from early concept development to volume production.

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Covid-19 Update

Due to State and County Health-mandated “shelter in place” protocols related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the PrinterPrezz team is doing our part by working remotely. Our additive manufacturing engineers and other members of our team will continue to be available, but we will be adjusting our schedules and lab operations for a period of at least three weeks. The following services continue to be available:

  • Technical consulting
  • 3D engineering projects
  • Design optimization
  • Medical device design
  • Medical additive manufacturing

At the same time, we are prioritizing projects with key partners to utilize 3D printing and our rapid prototyping capabilities to aid the effort to “flatten the curve” and support healthcare providers during the current COVID-19 pandemic .

We want to do the right thing for our customers, employees and communities. Please reach out, if we can be of assistance. Thanks for your understanding. We wish you, your families and teams continued health.

Contact us at with any questions or concerns.

More ideas

Rapid prototyping is more than having fast equipment. You need talented engineers and a robust design hardware and software ecosystem. PrinterPrezz offers all of this. We accelerate innovative ideas at every level, whether you are a multi-national corporation needing advanced design consultation, or an individual looking to develop an initial medical device prototype.


PrinterPrezz offers an end-to-end solution for medical devices from concept to production, getting your team to the finish line first. Prototype and validate on the same equipment used in volume production. Our open design and manufacturing ecosystem reduces wasted engineering iteration by getting medical devices designed and manufactured optimally.

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PrinterPrezz collaborates with medical device innovators as well as with manufacturing ecosystem members in the supply chain, software, and hardware companies.


New to 3D printing?  Unclear why titanium is an ideal choice for medical implants? Our insights into medifacturing can be found here in our white papers and blog posts.

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We’re changing the world of medical devices one implant at a time. Catch up on all the latest developments on PrinterPrezz.

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